There Are Probably Way More People In The 'Gig Economy’ Than We Realize

          — First to report study on growing size of contractors in labor force

Piketty And The FT Actually Agree On The Most Important Part About Worsening Inequality In The West 

          — We know much less about wealth inequality than wage inequality.

Wealth gap calculator: Are you in the millennial one percent? 

          — Interactive feature with writeup on the income levels of millennials

Labor and Civil Rights

The movement behind California and New York’s unprecedented push for a $15 minimum wage 

          — How the Fight for $15 was born

One Texas judge is responsible for most of the student debt-related arrests in America 

          — Lynn Hughes has made a personal crusade out of making sure Houston residents (who happen to be mostly minorities) pay off their student debts — ones most didn't realize they still owed.

50 years after a landmark study criticized single-parent households, data show the complaints were probably all wrong 

          — The changes in family structure that concerned Daniel Patrick Moynihan have continued, becoming widespread among whites as well, but they do not explain recent trends in poverty and inequality.

Business and Finance

Rich Kinder Just Made $1.5 Billion In A Morning By Outsmarting All Of Wall Street 

          — A corporate restructuring allowed the oil baron to fix his cash flow problem. 

Meet the teens who can’t wait to become hedge fund managers 

         — Are these teens greedy or just ambitious?

The little loophole that could let tens of thousands of students wipe out their federal debt 

          — This story resulted in the Department of Education changing their entire repayment protest protocol.

Energy and Technology

The Fracking Debate Is Over 

         — Fracking has proved both politically and technologically viable, something its environmental opponents must accept.

A 24-Year-Old Transport Engineer Is About To Free Her City From Car Ownership 

         — Helsinki has an ambitious plan to make ridesharing the basis for its entire transportation system.

How Solar Will Destroy The Power Companies, In 5 Easy Steps 

         — Solar is becoming cheap enough that, with the rights government incentives, is going to cause major headaches for traditional utilities. 


Miami Beach at 100: The sea is rising, and so are the condos. Something’s gotta give, right? 

        — Miami's plan for addressing sea level rise is a combination of ambition and magical thinking.

All Around The Country, Regulators Are Getting Bullied Over Fracking 

        — Politicizing science is always a bad sign.

If we want to save the planet, we have to get rid of suburbs 

        — The UN calls for changing how most in the West live to address climate change.

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